Dates Times Price

Main Method Intensive


Month Fee £390
Feb 5th -March 1st
May 7th-31st
Aug 6th-30th
Nov 5th-29th

AM unit 10am – 1pm and/or PM unit 7pm – 10pm

     Running each day Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks
     Units can be attended in either manner (AM, PM or Split)
     You can also double up at no extra cost

This flexible structure is designed to intensively engage the muscles of your acting while you fit
in the other opportunities of living in London

Voice & Movement

Mid Class Fee £190
Jan 8,10/15,17/22,24/29,31
Mar 19,21/26,28 April 2,4/9,11
June 18,20/25,27 July 2,4/9,11
Sep 24,26 Oct 1,3/8,10/15,17
     7pm-10pm Monday & Wednesday evenings over 4 weeks
     Monday Movement Class
     Wednesday Voice Class
     The core dynamics that amplify impulse into action

To let your creativity be revealed to the camera or on stage, the muscles of your voice and the
movement of you body require the ability to be your thoughts, impulse and emotions in action

Year Training


Once you have completed Main Class you will have a rich foundation of  tools and techniques acquired over the month to practice & put into your work. If you wish you can take the training further by signing up to the year option. This offers an investment of 4 Main Classes at a reduced price of £360 per class, which starts with the following main class.

There is a Mid & Main Class year option as well, which offers additional training of your voice and body. This enables a deeper and greater evolution of your ability as an actor. It’s important to consider how any great acting requires flexible and expressive muscles to bring a richer quality to your work.

You can sign up to a year-long option at any point of the year. For those actors who wish to keep coming to class when they are available, but not commit to the year-long option, you can attend at the monthly fee.

Main Class Year

Total £1440 – Saving £120
  • 4 Main Classes at a reduced price of £360 per class
  • 12 Monthly Instalments of £120
  • The Year can start at any main class though the year
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Main & Mid Class Year

Total £2120 – Saving £2oo
  • 4 Main Classes at a reduced fee of £360 per class
  • 4 Mid Classes at a reduced fee of £170 per class
  • 12 Monthly Instalments of £177
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