Audition Technique


No matter how good your acting technique there is an art to auditioning, to finding the deeper material within the script. Over the period of each four-week block you first learn and then build up your approach & process to auditioning. Some of the focus will be on the more practical concerns of how to approach and work in an audition. Others will work on extracting the rich material within the script and by understanding its content/ structure you can give a much more involved/alive/focused audition. The aim is to walk away with a clearly defined methodology that is specific to auditioning. A methodology that you will take into each audition giving you a clear focus through all the tension and excitement you will have when securing a role.


Auditioning brings different demands than when you are working as an actor. Apart from the obvious sense of pressure it’s about understanding and delivering the important points at this primary step to working as an actor. Each audition presents you with different choices and how you understand and execute them will be down to evolved audition technique. Central to the audition is the script and so much of what you choose to do will be based around the printed text. Analysing and defining the structure of the material is extremely important as with both your technique and analysis it is about the economy and efficiency that puts your abilities in the right place to bring alive the character and the script.