The booking process is quite straightforward. All you need to do, after having read through the details of the class you are interested in, is to get in touch, and we will conduct a telephone conversation in more detail. Method acting does not audition, as the assessment criteria are how willing you are to engage in the process rather than how talented you think you are. After 22 years of teaching, I have never found talent has amounted to much, but focused work certainly has. Therefore it is important that I can be clear you understand the structure of the classes and are willing to commit.


Method acting offers a structured unit form of acting training. Both Studio & Online units throughout the year offer the heart and process of the method, with additional craft classes providing a selection of units involving voice, movement, Self Tape Audition Technique as well as Textual Analysis. You can either specifically focus on a unit if you wish to address areas of your acting, crafting a unit at a time, or you could consider a more engaged commitment over the year, allowing the time to absorb and grow technically, creatively, and professionally.


Payment for a single class can be made in either one full payment or the minimum deposit payment to secure your space. Any person wishing to sign up with a cash flow issue can space your fee for the acting units over two months. Just ask and be able to set out the structure of your payments. Once you have completed a month-long unit, you become a regular member, and then all online classes have a flexible payment system as set out below. 


Once you complete a Method Unit, you become a regular member, which means all future Fees are calculated under a flexible payment structure. You can spread the unit fee of £310 into three separate payments. The first payment of £100 is made before the start of the unit to secure your place for the month. The month after the first payment, the second payment of £105. concluding a month later, the final payment of £105