The booking process is quite straightforward. All you need to do, after having read through the details of the class you are interested in, is to get in touch and we will conduct a telephone conversation in more detail. Method acting does not audition, as the assessment criteria is how willing you are to engage in the process, rather than how talented we think you are. After 18 years of teaching I have never found talent has amounted to much, but focused work certainly has. Therefore it is important that I can be clear you understand the structure of the classes and willing to commit.


Method acting offers a structured unit form of acting training. The main class that is space through the year offers the heart and process of method with the mid classes offering a selection of units involving voice, movement, audition technique and textual analysis. As well there is a public showing of selected scenes in April to an invited audience over three nights. You can either specifically focus upon a unit if you wish to address areas of your crafting technique such as main class or Mid-class or alternatively you could consider a more engaged commitment in the year-long program


The yearlong class can be started at any point during the year. As method acting is a block system that repeats through the year there is no calendar start point. The classes are taught on completely practical basis and though the primary step is to teach the content and structure of the various techniques. The real value of the classes is the engage repetition with the process whereby you build up the real muscles and creative abilities that any professional actor requires.


Payment for a single class can be made in either one full payment for the minimum of deposit payment to secure your space. Any person wishing to sign up for the year long structure must first take a single main class to assess the content and teaching of the class and they are sure that they wish to make such a commitment. Payment for the year long class is on a monthly basis. The payment breakdown in 12 paymnets spaced over the twelve months.