Method month structure

Mon & Wed 10-1pm/7-10pm
Basic Relaxation

To be a better actor you need to allow yourself to be human, they are interlinked. If you struggle or block the flow of your thoughts impulse and emotions  you build up tension which blocks your creative potential, which hinders the greater components of you the actor. Your acting will lack the intuitive and organic impulses that makes the moments of great acting come alive.

So Lee Strasberg developed the exercise of Basic Relaxation as the foundation on which creative acting is built. This specific exercise focuses on the release of both forms of tension (mental & physical), relaxing you to take on whatever task presented to you. The exercise becomes a central tool to prepare, from auditioning to working, alongside building the foundation to an active, authentic dialogue with and from your creative self as an Actor.

Sense Memory

From a state of relaxation you can now focus on truthful experiences to channel into the structure of the character. Sense memory is the craft of experience where you learn to  maintain, deepen or shift  your sense of truth giving you a rich flow of experiences which brings life to the script.

Starting from the foundation Sensory Exercises over the first two weeks, the work expands to emotional memory in week 3 with an added improvisational part. As acting about channelling truth into action, this will build your intuitive, instinctual muscles, so central to creative choices.  Acting upon such thoughts, impulses and emotions, stimulated by your sensory tools, you develop the skill of channelling these truthful experiences creatively. Bringing real depth, life and inspiration to your  work as an actor.

These tools nurture The Creative State of Being. This inspired state will free your acting from the self-awareness which leaves your work mechanical and stiff. It will bring increasing insight into you acting as well as the ability to bring the script alive from the page. These increased creative muscles and the tools will bring real life to each stage of your work, auditioning, rehearsals and acting.

You will find yourself doing work that you didn’t even know before you began. It is here where your acting becomes truly inspirational and this developed ability will not only inspire an audience but yourself as well, turning acting from a fear into a joy. The tools and techniques for the creative state of being become the central means to an organic body of work which brings a heightened realism too your work and uniquely infuses the drama in the script.

The two trailers give you a sense of the work in action. The first focuses on technique on Mondays and Wednesdays which touches on the elusive but inspiring Creative State of Being and the path and parts to such a state. The second is a montage of moments from one month’s class.

The drama of ActingPlay video

Technique Trailer

The drama of ActingPlay video

Class Trailer

Scene Class

Tue & Thur 10-1pm/7-10pm

Expanding from working with your instrument (the term used by Stanislavsky to define the actor) we bring in Text, Character and the imaginary given circumstances of the Script. In scene class, you start to apply the tools learnt in technique, as well as utilizing what you are already bringing to your work – working on how you, the actor, make the bridge to the character and how do you enter into the moment creatively.

As you come to acting with your individual history, you will bring to the craft your own assets and habits. Scene class is where such habits are addressed and your assets enhanced. As your choices and actions set up the results, each action taken in your current creative process is up for examination. We examine how you see, approach, and execute the task of acting.

This unfolding interaction develops both your understanding of the craft and industry of acting as well as empowering you with a conscious ability to access your true potential on cue, making your creative ideas a living reality. Working from your current ideas you develop and evolve an affective and creative execution, which expands from the instinctive to a full rounded and empowered methodology

Class Details
Running Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks

AM unit 10am – 1pm and/or PM unit 7pm – 10pm

Units can be attended in either manner (All AM, PM or Split) – you can also double up at no extra cost

This structure is designed to be flexible and fit around the other opportunities and demands of your work


Jan 30th-Feb 23rd
May 7th-31st
Aug 6th-30th
Nov 5th-29th

Once you have completed a Month Main Class, you can then sign up to the year option.

The Main & Mid Class year long option offers the option of a committed training of your voice and body.  This enables a deeper and greater evolution of your ability as an actor. It’s important to consider how any great acting requires flexible and expressive muscles to bring a richer quality to your work.

Along with 4 Main Classes at a reduced price of £360 per class

Mid class also comes at a reduced price of £170 per class

This is paid by 12 monthly instalments of £177

Total £2124 – Saving £196