Method – Voice – Movement – Audition – Script Analysis – Coaching – Showings

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Built around the intensive method months there are a selection of classes through the year. Main class is the intensive month-long method units between which are spaced voice and movement classes, as well as audition and textual analysis units, all known as mid class. You can take a specific block of training to engage either the tools,  technique and process of Lee  Strasberg,  commonly known as Method, or the other important elements of the actor’s craft by a class by class basis. You may consider a more involved commitment over the arc of 12 months to truly learn or reinvigorate your respects and love for craft of acting.

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The main class has a morning or evening unit program which can be taking in various ways during the month to work around other commitments. The Mid Classes operate on an evening basis 7-10pm. As well there are workshops with casting directors and through March and into April are the rehearsals of a selected list of scenes in preparation for a public showing over three nights.

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 All of which offer a dynamic acting studio facility where you can either intensively engage a specific unit or pace yourself through the year for a even more immersed facilitation of your acting instrument to bring about a substantial facilitation of your abilities. These abilities are what we will call your body of work and it this work that will walk creatively into the addition, live in front of the camera or stand on stage. That way your craft and career truly become one body of work.