Script Analysis


Another of the Tuesday evening units, which run alongside of the voice & movements units on Monday & Wednesday, is the script analysis, or structure class. Similar to the audition technique, we investigate the structure and content of the script. To give the actor a greater understanding of the material and characters involved. Important factors such as given circumstances, can give a more forensic understanding of the story and the motivations involved.

Understandably actors can start to consider their acting, before truly assessing what the work is. Therefore to take more specific time with the information on the page, can give the actor much more considered understanding and approach to the material. That way the greater you’re understanding, the easier the task will be, because your energy and actions will be focused clearly on the material. Just like a torch needs the energy of the light focused on a certain point to truly illuminate, what can’t be seen before.

Script Analysis


Each evening actors can either bring in work that they’re already working on scene study, in the main method intensives. Or scripts which are well, known can be worked on. By looking at specific moments in the scene, you can build up a more detailed picture of events happened prior to the scene in question. That way you can build up a clearer line of action, bringing greater clarity to the path the characters taken until that point.


Another important component is considering things that are happening or items being used in the scene. Such things can be overlooked but they are full of meaning and reference to the psychological journey of actor. Particularly with the use of props or referenced action in the scene. These items or activities are stacked full of history. With some considered thought and imagination, you can root yourself much more substantially into your relationship with the character and material.


Over the 4 weeks you build up a more professional and considered approached to the script. With practice and application over time you will develop a much more instinctive sense and eye to see the details immediately when you are handed a script. Given the demands of the industry this will stand you in great stead, as it can be applied in all given circumstances, particularly under the pressure of auditioning.