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To say 2020 has been a monumental year would be a considerable understatement. It has however been a year when the work of class has not so much continued online but discovered another way of working both the actor’s craft and instrument.

Here in the UK government has just extended the furlough scheme until the end of April and the current measures to tackle the new variant of the Covid Virus means that for the next 4 to 6 months much of what we’ve been dealing with will continue. Obviously, as the vaccination programme starts to come into the population the greater the opportunity to return to some form of normality.

With these things taking into consideration it is Method Acting’s intention and endeavours to have a face-to-face studio class in the month of June 2021. This is a target, a lot needs to fall into place for that to happen. For classes to function face-to-face, you must be free to follow your thoughts impulses and emotions. Also, any possibility that a member of class might become infected with Covid would fundamentally close the class for that unit, so at present, it is simply not plausible to come into space and properly do the work.

Those who have benefited most from the work online since March have embraced the challenges which truly work the muscles any actor. It requires dealing not just the alienating reality of online work but working in this industry in general. Both self-taping and filming set is extremely alienating experiences at first, so the online work has gone a long way to acclimatising the actor’s craft. During this time many members of the class have been auditioning and then working on various TV and Film projects, so waiting is not a good choice

The real purpose of the training is not to just train you how to act but also enable you with the abilities to handle acting in a modern 21st entertainment industry. While at the same time being able to grow and expand to the greater creative potential, so that ideally this can lead to both a fruitful professional and creative career.

Apart from that have a festive and restful Christmas break into 2021!

INTRO FEE £120. MONTH FEE Flexible, see below

April 5th-30th

AM unit 10am – 12pm and/or
PM unit 8pm – 10pm

March 29th – April 1st
Monday 10-12.30pm or Tuesday 7.30-10pm
Wednesday 10-12 pm or Thursday 8-10 pm

Intro Induction week
The Induction week covers an opening talk and working three exercises of Stragberg, Basic Relaxation and two sense memory exercises over the two days. This equips you with the foundation to continue the work in the Main Method unit which runs for a further 4 weeks.

Main Class
Running  Monday & Tuesday 8-10 pm Wednesday & Friday 10-12 pm for 4 weeks Units can be attended in either manner (AM, PM or Split) You can also double up at no extra cost

Dates Times and Prices

All classes run 2 hours per session, so the total hours available over a 4-week unit is 32 hours. Based upon 48 hours of a normal main Method intensive, the class fee works out at £8.75 an hour.
Therefore if the current online unit fee is £280. However, you might not be able to attend all the units available. Most units you pay for the unit in total regardless. Nevertheless, in the current health and economic situation, it is more logical to allow you to consider how many classes you will be attending when you work out a fee you are willing and able to pay.
The other factor to take into account is what is your current income? Therefore you may wish to consider what percentage of income you are currently receiving, either through work or through any form of government scheme or state benefit. You could then use that percentage as a means to consider your fee. For instance, 50% of £280, is £140, as an example, or 25% would be £70.
Therefore these are the things to factor when calculating your fee are…

How much you think you’re going to attend?
What percentage of your fee would you pay in the given circumstances?

Once you reach the conclusion and wish to confirm you booking on this unit please just send me a confirmation email clarifying your fee. You do not need to justify or explain, just let us know. Method Acting is happy to continue with the good-faith that we work with collectively, in the current situation. However, we do need to make sure we can find the income to support the training we provide.

This flexible structure is designed to intensively engage the muscles of your acting while you fit in the other opportunities of living in London.

Unit Online Fee £40
Dates Times and Prices

The Class runs online with Emma Woodvine a leading voice teacher in both the Industry and Drama Schools

Emma trained as an actress at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (GSMD) and completed her MA in Voice with Patsy Rodenburg, also at GSMD.

She also works as a voice and dialect coach in theatre, film and television. Freelance work includes among others: the RSC, Young Vic, Barbican, Royal Court, Almeida, Manchester Royal Exchange, Opera North and West End theatres.


Jan 5th – 28th

AM Unit Tuesday 11-1 pm

PM Unit Thursday 7-9 pm

Month Unit fee £40


To let your creativity be revealed to the camera or on stage, the muscles of your voice and the movement of you body require the ability to be your thoughts, impulse and emotions in action.

Once you have completed Main Class you will have a rich foundation of tools and techniques acquired over the month to practice & put into your work. If you wish you can take the training further by signing up to the year option. This offers an investment of 4 Main Classes at a reduced price of £360 per class, which starts with the following main class.

There is a Mid & Main Class year option as well, which offers additional training of your voice and body. This enables a deeper and greater evolution of your ability as an actor. It’s important to consider how any great acting requires flexible and expressive muscles to bring a richer quality to your work.

You can sign up to a year-long option at any point of the year. For those actors who wish to keep coming to class when they are available, but not commit to the year-long option, you can attend at the monthly fee.

Dates Times and Prices
Dates Times and Prices
TOTAL £2120 – SAVING £200
  • 4 Main Classes at a reduced fee of £360 per class
  • 4 Mid Classes at a reduced fee of £170 per class
  • 12 Monthly Installments of £177

You can start the 12 month plan at any time in the year, after you have completed 1 Main Method Intensive. That way you can be sure what you are committing to and that it suits your needs and creative ambitions as an actor.

If you are taking the 12 month program the Tuesday evening classes, Audition Tech/Script Analysis, are only an additional £40 per unit over 4 weeks, in the same weeks as Voice & Movement