What level of experience do I need to be?

This is the most common question, the simple answer is everybody is at the same level, namely you are a human being. As the process is about learning to work from your thoughts, impulses and emotions.  The tools and technique of method are in fact straightforward and simple, the complexity is how you live with and put into action the rich flow from your unconscious. Each time is in fact the first time, just as when you walk into an audition, stand on stage or in front of the camera each moment is unique. Learning to work from experience (creative state of being) is never a final destination.

How does the Am & Pm units work and what is a split?

Method Acting realises that to live, work and be creative in London a certain amount of flexibility is required. The AM unit 10-1pm and the PM unit 7-10 gives you the means to attend each day and fit your training in with these other demands. When you sign up to class you are securing your space and you will be asked to state how you except to attend. This not a commitment, but just a guide to the fluctuation and attendance between the morning and evening class. If work demands are more flexible you can take SPLIT which means you come to either the morning or evening unit each day of the week. You do not need to pre arrange. On days where you are free and wish to come to both you are welcome to do so. There is no additional charge. This way you have the means to fit in the needs and opportunities that will happen outside of class as you grow your creative muscles and craft in class.

Why dose Method take many years to master?

You are not just leaning a conscious concept, just like the athlete it is complex muscle memory and with method the path of unlocking you unconscious experiences in your work to public observation. When you feel, they are your feelings. You learn to use them as a bridge into the character, given circumstances, the script. So what you are doing at first is very challenging because it is not normal to run to a camera when so personally affected. You need this time to evolve the understanding and relationship of public solitude, as defined by Stanislavski, the ability to be privet in public. To force or bully yourself only cause the instrument to shut down. The consistent repetition over many many sessions builds this central creative technique to such a point that you can work under very demanding environments creatively. It is also very important to understand there are not short-term, part time means to that will teach or really evolve your methodology. It only comes by a consistent and involved process properly taught which will give you the means to really and sustainably grow as an actor.