Full Acting Year

Once you have completed your first Unit, which includes 2 Intro classes, you can commit to a complete set of  6 Units spaced through a 12-month period. You can start at any unit throughout the year. The units have a structure that repeats the various steps set out in the HOMEWORK classes, STUDIO PROCESS & STUDIO INTENSIVE. The structure focuses on both technique and scene study. In each unit, you become more detailed in both as you unlock your technical ability and acting craft. Therefore your build your acting ability to take on more challenges and engage more and more with the industry.

The year-long option gives you the means to spread and reduce your fees.

It reduces the unit fee by 11 per cent to £320 with payments being spaced on a monthly basis of £165 per month.

Also throughout the year, you have an option to pause one UNIT should an acting role come up.


Defined that the training of an actor came by them working on three components. Feeling / Intellect / Body. Or as we refer to it Mind / Body / Soul. It is in these units that the structure of the classes is set to train and build your abilities into a complete instrument capable of the true real creative craft. It will be your craft that you bring into the audition, it is your ability that will work in front of the camera or on the stage. What you bring to any moment will be all the work you have done until that moment. Like the athlete or the craftsperson, each action and your work on your techniques will bring together and maintain your acting.