Since March 2020, we have found that it is possible to engage a considerable amount of the work online without having to worry about covid restrictions. So much so it has surprised us what we found is possible, which at first we simply did not think you could do online, has, in fact, turned out to be a very fruitful environment to train.

As the UK government has just extended the furlough scheme until the end of April and the current measures to tackle rising infections means that for the next 4 to 6 months much of what we’ve been dealing with will continue. Obviously, as the vaccination programme starts to come into the population the greater the opportunity to return to some form of normality.

With these things taking into consideration it is Method Acting’s intention and endeavour to have a face-to-face studio class from June 2021. This is a target, lots needs to fall into place for that to happen. For a class to function face-to-face, you must be free to follow your thoughts impulses and emotions with real freedom. So at present, it is simply not plausible to come into space and properly do the work.

Working online has been extremely beneficial in many ways. The real purpose of the training is not to just train you how to act but also enable you with the abilities to handle acting in a modern 21st entertainment industry. Both self-taping and filming sets are extremely alienating experiences at first, so the online work has gone a long way to acclimatising the actor’s craft. While at the same time being able to grow and expand to the greater creative potential, so that ideally this can lead to both a fruitful professional and creative career.


“The online course was a thorough and insightful introduction to method acting. Sam overcame the hurdle of online classes as I felt very involved and connected in the work even over a computer screen. He guided me through the techniques and exercises which had a huge impact on the work I was producing. The structure of the course was broken down into scene work and technique work – helping us to tune into the character as well as ourselves. I am looking forward to studying here again in the near future. Highly recommend!”

Ieuan James

“Studying introduction into Method Acting with Sam was incredibly powerful and insightful. Learning more about oneself in each session. Throughout the work, Sam instantly recognises ‘bad habits’ (If you have previous experience or otherwise) and eases you out of them with his skill and knowledge – bestowing that light bulb moment! Such early stages into this work but I have already gained assets and tools that I never, never, knew existed. It takes work and discipline, so if you are serious about the craft then this could very well be the method for you for an abundance of reasons. A combination of relaxation exercises combined with technique, merging into scene work was quintessential. I was concerned about learning online, but I must say the intimacy and intense approach was very useful, alongside gaining camera techniques. Sam is honest and interesting – acknowledging the human mind, enabling beneficial effects in understanding and growth as an actor. I couldn’t recommend this course enough.
Thanks, Sam!”

Lisa Gorgin


Week 1 Introduction

March 29th – April 1st

Monday 10-12.30pm or Tuesday 7.30-10pm
Starts with an opening talk about the background and purpose of the exercises, tools and techniques developed by Lee Strasberg building from the works of Konstantin Stanislavski. Then the first exercise, known as basic relaxation will be demonstrated. Which you then will do under instruction and followed up after with a discussion and pointers for practice.

Wednesday 10-12 pm or Thursday 8-10 pm
The first 2 sense-memory exercises will be instructed and covered, at present, you will remain working in the chair by yourself on the course dynamics the exercise, focusing on how to bring truthful inspiring thought, impulse and emotion into play for the text & character.

Week 2-5 expand the work into the Main Method Unit

April 5th -30th 

Monday Technique PM 8 pm – 10pm

Tuesday Scene Class PM 8 pm – 10.30 pm

Wednesday Technique AM 10 – 12 pm

Friday Scene Class AM 10 – 12.30 pm

All times UK GMT

You are very welcome to attend more than 2 classes each week, but the technique and arch of the 5 weeks are structured around 2 classes per week. So any additional classes would be an opportunity to repeat technique or observe more scene work



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