Understand the Need for Improvisation

As an actor, you will mostly be working with scripts. Of course, that is the standard. However, you also need to learn how to act based on your instinct. All acting courses you take may tell you about acting, but the profession is about developing your abilities and that is why you need to learn how to improvise.

An Act on Its Own

Improvisation is a central and essential component of acting. It is an act on its own and many people will respond very well to the technique. Now and then, you may have to do something off-script or which you never prepare for. Luckily improvisation usually leads to a more natural and realistic performance. Many great scenes had been created by improvisation.

Develop A Proper Ability

You too can create a memorable scene from it. Regardless of what you learn within the craft of acting if you don’t develop a proper ability for improvisation you will only be working from a fraction of what you are capable to do. Improvisation gives you the chance to explore the character and the story of the script far more creatively. That is why this technique comes into play in the third and fourth weeks.



Having feelings does not make you an actor. Everybody does. To improve your improvisation skills, you must learn how to translate your feelings to action. Remember, when improvising you don’t have a script to follow or any guiding instruction. So you must rely on your instinct. Understand how you feel about the situation in the play and learn how to present your feelings. The true craft and art of an actor are to translate feeling into action.
Therefore, you as an actor must develop the intuitive and instinctual skills that are required within improvisation. To translate your feelings to action you must use your body a lot. It makes it easier and reduces the pressure on you.


However, not everybody can confidently express his feelings in the public space. That is understandable. You may be at your best when you are alone but naturally, you may not be able to express your private feelings in public. Notwithstanding, you must understand that your job as an actor means you must be able to resist being overwhelmed by the public examination.
Improvisation challenges the natural instinct to internalize complex experiences. To be a great actor, there are many great abilities you must have, one of them is the ability to be private in the public. You mustn’t feel the pressure even with public eyes on you. It is this understandable fear of public examination that hinders many actors’ work. It explains the common phenomenon of being extremely creative in our own private spaces, but when we walk into an audition or stand in front of the camera everything clams up.
The improvisation, therefore, is to acclimatize you and develop an ability that means you can work in the most demanding of environments and still be true to the sensitivities required to bring your characters alive.


Relax Your Mind to Perfect Your Improvisation

So, you must learn to relax all the time. To perfect your improvisation skills you must be as natural as possible. That is what improvisation wants to get from you – your natural self. You have learned the skill to relax in a play, but now you must learn to relax naturally. It must come within you. Don’t put yourself under pressure and don’t let the eyes watching you put pressure on you.
The imaginative mind is critical in acting, especially when you need improvisation. You don’t know where the scene is going, but you must be able to imagine all possible outcomes. More so, you will have a little time to think about it, imagine it, and act on it. Therefore, you must develop your imaginative ability and let it come to play in improvisation. However, you don’t have to overthink it. It is improvisation and everyone knows it is improvisation, so just do it as it comes.
What really makes improvisation stand out is because it is natural, and remember acting is at its best if it looks as natural as possible. Therefore, you must train yourself to be yourself always and carry on in the most natural way, the way you would have been if the cameras aren’t there./span>


Just Flow with It

One of the important conditions for improvisation is not to change the scene, just flow with it. If you are acting with a partner it is easier to agree with him. You don’t know where the scene will take you to, but follow the flow and the pattern. Changing the scene may create confusion and makes the acting terrible. So you have to develop the ability to flow with whatever you meet and in the direction, other actors are going. It is an essential skill that will greatly assist your improvisation skill.


It Is Natural To Make Mistakes

Improvisation requires you to be natural and it is natural to make mistakes. You don’t have to be afraid of it or worry about it as long as it is not frequent. Making mistakes may even make your acting look real, after all, we all make mistakes in real life.
However, with proper improvisation skills, you can avoid making mistakes. If you master your skill and develop your abilities very well, you can go a long way in presenting near-perfect acting. The more pressure you put on yourself the higher the chance of making mistakes. Most importantly, you should understand that there is no one-size-fits-all in the game. So, people will see it as a mistake if you try hard to correct it. Rather, make it look as if that is how it suppose to be and flow with it. All that improvisation demand is to present great work without being told how to, but you must actually develop skills on how to make it happen.