Method Acting Studio Process Classes

The Studio Scene Study and Technique are where the foundation work of Homework expands into the space much as it would coming to the Film Set or Stage.

Homework is where you both build your understanding and practice Basic Relaxation and Senese Memory. Where Scene Work engages the primary work of understanding the character and the situation of the drama. Who is this person, what do they want or need? What is happing between the characters? How you work primarily from the text. Now in the Studio classes, scene studies you can bring much more action and choices into play. Where the intuitive use of impulse can lead to greater understanding and relation with the character and story. Where you find the actor you want to be, the Actor you can be

In Week 2 Studio Process classes provide up to 12 hours of the studio process. You can attend as many as you want and can, ideally one Scene study and One technique. In week 3 there is the Method Studio Intensive with  3 full days  10-6 pm starts with Technique & Improvisation followed by 6 scene slots per day. Between weeks 2 & 3 there is a total of 30 hours of studio classes during the month.

METHOD Studio Week 2
Wed PM Technique 7-10 pm
Thurs AM Technique 10-1 pm
Thurs PM Scene Study 7-10 pm
Fri AM Scene Study 10-1 pm

Week 3
METHOD Intensive Scene Studio Unit
Fri-Sun 10-6 pm each day