The Voice & The Body revael so Much

Voice & Movement

Mondays & Wednesdays 7-10pm

Voice & Movement is an opportunity to utilize the greater potential of your voice and body. No matter how truthful the flow of your thoughts, impulses, and emotions – if they are expressed through weak muscles and a poor voice – then they are only a fraction of the greater creative potential. These sessions run for 4 weeks on Monday & Wednesday evenings and are placed approximately two weeks after and two weeks before the start of Main Method Intensive. They can be taken exclusively, or as part of a longer arch of training. As an actor without an evolved relationship with your voice and body, you will have little means to express the life created within. Therefore under the expert instruction of the teaching, it releases your instrument to let your work creatively expand through your physical and vocal actions.



The body is a dynamic thing that is a summation of millions of years of action. In the modern world, most people barely tap the greater depth of the movement and range at their disposal. Starting with the body, you will engage with the flow and movement of your instrument. Focusing on such important areas such as the neutral stance form, from which you can build a greater sense of character as well as a broader expression in all your work. You will learn how each muscle can make vague or clear actions that speak little or volumes about your character and their intentions.  Pacing, rhythm, expression — though these, you can channel your impulses much more into intuitive expression. Each week, over the mid class, you will build up a much more conscious & creative relationship with your body and the ability to move in it far beyond the dead habits that hold back so much of the potential work alive inside you.


It may seem obvious why you would need to work on your voice, but of course there is much more to it than you could possibly imagine at first glance. Breath is essential for the voice as well as movement, as both are action. It is common for adults in the developed world to cut off the power of the voice by locking up the diaphragm, a muscle which as a baby you will have fully used from birth. However over the years because of conditioning and possible suppression, the diaphragm becomes locked up and so does the voice. Unlocking this and expanding your capacity is central to the work you will need to undertake. The next step is to build on and play with the flexibility and range of your voice which, like your body, interlinks the flow of intuitive and expressive impulses from your creative core. Both movement and voice give real depth and meaning to your acting as they are the means of expressing your Thoughts, Impulses, & Emotions, which are born in the creative core of your instrument..

Voice & Movement 7-10pm for 4 weeks

Monday Movement Class
Wednesday Voice Class

4 week fee £190


Audition Tech/ Script Analysis
Tuesday evenings 7-10pm for 4 weeks
4 week fee £130