Online Intro Method Technique

Online Intro Method Technique

We are in the grip of a pandemic and until an effective vaccine can be developed our ability to free ourselves from it is extremely limited. We very much hope that such measures as testing and modern technological apps might ease up the restrictions we are currently experiencing. However, from an acting perspective, we would have to accept that for the time being the world as we know it is the world we need to create in.

Online sessions are an extremely good chance to hone your craft as an actor. In some ways, it highlights how much truthful feelings in the text are required,  as well as becoming more authentic, playful and relaxed with the camera. These being very important to audition self-taping as well as working on a TV or film set.

Online is not ideal, however, I strongly believe that any actor, if your new or established, commits to the online intro program,  it can make a substantive contribution to the growth of your acting ability, as well as grounding you in a more productive and creative place.


Session 1
This runs for 90 mins to cover and opening talk about the background and purpose of the exercises, tools and techniques developed by Lee Strasberg building from the works of Konstantin Stanislavski. Then the first exercise, known as basic relaxation will be demonstrated. Which you then will do under instruction and followed up after with a discussion and pointers for practice.
Session 2
The remaining 4 sessions will be one hour long. The first sense-memory exercise, known as an overall sensation will be instructed and covered, followed by practice under instruction followed by the same discussion and pointer.
Session 3
Personalisation is a very useful tool for bringing alive relationship in the scene. By using a person in your own life, which fits approximately the dynamics of the character in the relationship of the scene. Same structure explanation practice and discussion.
Session 4
Personal object, which is an emotional memory exercise. Focus is upon an object that produces a strong emotional response. Unlike a personalisation which by itself doesn’t bring on strong emotion, the personal object is something so personal to you that when you focus upon it, it brings on a strong emotional response in any scene, character or text.
Session 5
The fifth the session is to bring into a more skilled consideration how to apply the tools learnt over the previous sessions in both work and practice. Practice being most important because like any muscle without it your creative abilities will not truly grow to their greater potential.

The five sessions in total should enable you with a good grounding in the techniques based around the work of Lee Strasberg how to start to incorporate them in your work as an actor.

Online Intro Method Technique


One on One                          £250

Pairs                                       £200 

Groups of 3 or more           £150

Sessions available each Tuesday 10-5pm
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