Voice and Movement Acting Workshop in London


Voice and Movement Acting Workshop in London

The London Acting Workshop for Voice & Movement is an opportunity to utilize the greater potential of your voice and body. No matter how truthful the flow of your thoughts, impulses, and emotions – if they are expressed through weak muscles and a poor voice – then they are only a fraction of the greater creative potential. These sessions run for 4 weeks on Monday & Wednesday evenings and are placed approximately two weeks after and two weeks before the start of Main Method Intensive. They can be taken exclusively or as part of a longer arch of training. As an actor without an evolved relationship with your voice and body, you will have little means to express the life created within. Therefore under the expert instruction of the teaching, it unlocks your acting to let your work creatively expand through your physical and vocal actions.

Voice and Movement Acting Workshop in London

MOVEMENT acting workshop in London

The body is a dynamic thing that is a summation of millions of years of action. In the modern world, most people barely tap the greater depth of the movement and range at their disposal. Starting with the body, you will engage with the flow and movement of your instrument. Focusing on such important areas such as the neutral stance, from which you can build a greater sense of character as well as a broader expression in all your work. You will learn how each muscle can make vague or clear actions that speak little or volumes about your character and their intentions. Pacing, rhythm, expression — though these, you can channel your impulses much more into intuitive expression. Each week you will build up a much more conscious & creative relationship with your body and the ability to move in it far beyond the dead habits that currently hold back so much of the potential acting alive inside you. In very practical terms if you walk like a plank, so we’ll your characters. It can’t be underestimated how much simple physical habits hinder the quality of an actor’s performance. More importantly, the more disconnected you are from your body the greater the potential to feel self-aware and awkward once the camera is on you. The film camera amplifies truth and as movement reflects body language, the most dominant factors that influence how we perceive another human being, then any tension or awkwardness can potentially destroy your work as an actor. Therefore the workshops give you the true means to unlock and work from such a powerful asset.

Voice and Movement Acting Workshop in London
VOICE workshop London

It may seem obvious why you would need to work on your voice, but of course, there is much more to it than you could possibly imagine at first glance. Breath is essential for the voice as well as movement, as both are active. It is common for adults in the developed world to cut off the power of the voice by locking up the diaphragm, a muscle which as a baby you will have fully used from birth. However over the years because of conditioning and possible suppression, the diaphragm becomes locked up and so does the voice. Unlocking this and expanding your capacity is central to the work you will need to undertake. The next step is to build on and play with the flexibility and range of your voice which, like your body, interlinks the flow of intuitive and expressive impulses from your creative core. How long with body language the other dominant factor that informs how is he affected by another human being, is tonality. from birth a baby can effectively understand their mother by the tone of her voice full stop it is a crucial intuitive skill that goes back to the very beginning of our evolution as a species. Therefore for the natural and expressive flow of The Voice is essential for you to creatively play with both the character and the text. Many people misunderstand voice training as a primary theatre skill. But as the microphone picks up all the subtle tones and qualities of our voice it is in fact far more important for the camera. That way the magnifying effect of working in front of the camera can amplify the greater quality and depths of both your voice and body. Each week both the movement and voice classes give real depth and meaning to your acting. So it cannot be emphasized enough how your voice and body as they are the means of expressing your Thoughts, Impulse, & Emotions, alive in your character.

Your Voice is as Important as your Acting. Contact Us for more Information.



    This is a superb scene which emphasises the importance of voice and body, but even the greater concept of voice body and soul being truly interconnected. Which in simple terms mean that you the actor are not overwhelmed & pushing for results. That can relax into the complicated structure of the film set and allow your instrument to act creatively within the material.


    As you look to the scene notice how such subtle, but informative parts of the actors craft are being use. Stillness and movement, which is incredibly hard unless you truly relaxed. For instance that a certain amount of activity with cups and saucers. It is not just your ability to do these things in a relaxed state, but to be able to use your conscious character ideas to inform and structure the way you do them. There is the use of accents, particularly skilfully demonstrated by Meryl Streep.


    This scene gives a perfect example of how the camera lens amplifies. Apart from the clearest mistake most actors make, which is to stand very still like a plank of wood. It is to understand that small gestures have a profound capability to tell a story with a camera lens, particularly if there is a close-up. Have a look through the scene and see how they intertwine their crafts in their work. Therefore demonstrating that voice and body are as vital as the ability to relax and find psychological & emotional connection with the material. Therefore here at the acting workshop London, all the key crucial components of your acting ability properly and effectively trained and developed.


    This is a very verbal scene which is a very skilled exchange between both actors in the way that they deal with very large chunks of text in an effortless way. There is also clearly a styled debate and confrontation going on through the scene, so to understanding the key points, the dramatic gear changes is another important craft skill. The voice acting workshop in London is not simply about connection with the voice, they are very much about how the voice plays with the words and structure of the text. It is the skill sets which are as vital as the truthful ability to come alive in the character. Particularly with Pacino you can see how he’s using his body and voice differently than he normally would. This is why this scene is a very good example each element of the actor’s craft being skillfully intertwined.


    Also, look at how many different angles of the camera are being used. At one moment there is a pan movement as one character stands up. That way you understand that this scene may have been shot over several days depending on how long it took to set up each shot. Even if it shot just over one day, it can be a long day, so being able to repeat creatively the structure of the material is very important for the editing and continuity of the scene itself. Continuity means that there are no clear discrepancies that stand out when the scene is edited together. A clear example might be holding a pen in one hand and then suddenly holding it in another. Given the fact that there will be brakes between each shot you also have to consider how you keep yourself or come back to the creative connection with the character that point. Acting involves both structure and energy. An actor who predominantly rests on the structure is more of a performer. The actor who just predominantly works with their energy may be very interesting, but also very inconsistent. What you’re trying to do is to find a harmonious balance between the two or more importantly how to use your energy to truly explore and play the structure. There is a reason why this is called an industry as there are some very technical demands job will bring.


    The final thing to consider along with all the craft skills of voice body and soul. Is the ability to pull apart a script and interpret the material to such a detail that you have a complete understanding and opinion on the material so that it is embedded in your brain. To construct a truly defined character. That way when you are working on the scene you don’t have to overthink things and you can be more private playful with what comes up while at the same time having a clear sense of maintaining the structure and clarity of the material. It’s important to consider that acting is not about talent. It about having the ability to do each task and work with it skillfully and creatively. This comes down to acquired abilities. The whole focus of these acting classes London is to bed into your creative muscles the necessary abilities to be truly creative as well as professionally successful.

    Your Voice is as Important as your Acting. Contact Us for more Information.