Based on the work of the Actors Studio and the Group Theatre (who themselves studied the techniques of Constantin Stanislavski), Methodology (aka Method) builds a grounded creative technique for the actor which enables their latent talents to become real craft. The key concept is that the actor is an instrument, and that both internally and externally, this instrument must be developed to its true potential. This development only comes with consistent engagement with technique and process. The actor has many muscles, but the most crucial of all is the muscle of the unconscious. With the increasing understanding of the unconscious, many great teachers and actors have striven to turn small and fleeting moments of inspiration into a constant flow of creativity centered in the living moment and channeled through various skills and tools at the actor’s command. Method represents a complete process to unlock and inspire the actor’s instrument as well as equip them with the various tools and techniques to bring real creativity to their work.


His own prolific body of work has as its foundation two specific areas – relaxation and sense memory. Strasberg accepted and embraced the notion that, for the true potential of the actor to be realized, all aspects of the actor must be evolved and consciously embraced, especially to encourage an evolving relationship with the Creative State of Being as it makes such a powerful and active contribution to the craft and art of the actor. His work focused on the fact that the actor’s Mind, Body and Soul are the instruments of their creativity and this can only be unlocked when they enter into a constant and active relationship with Thought, Impulse and Emotion. With this evolved ability, the actor could live truthfully in the drama, bringing real life and authenticity to the material, and thus it would come alive for the audience, and have real impact and affect them. Through an involved engagement with these tools and techniques, the actor would unlock substantially far more of their creative potential – then the character would live in a heightened sense of realism


The consistent and intensive environment of Class rooted in Method enables this evolution of your work. It both challenges and evolves the capacity of your instrument — taking what talents are latent and growing them to true creative ability. Acting exists within a collective and challenging industry, therefore the structure of class mirrors these demands and opportunities so that you can enable your individual potential. This will equip you with the craft & capacity that facilitates a more relaxed, active, and creative approach to your Acting.