A selection of empowering classes teaching. Technique / Script – Audition analysis / Voice & Movement / Scene Study. (Self Tape Workshop after completion of the Unit) All building into one whole unit over 4 weeks. In the Intro Studio & Homework Classes, you dive into the primary foundation of Lee Strasberg’s work and its application in Relaxation / Sense Memory. Then, in every weekend studio session, you build your application and understanding of the Method into the Actor’s craft. Each step teaches you to work creatively from your thoughts, pulses, and emotions, bringing real depth and authenticity to your Acting.

Each block of classes engages the specific creative techniques to unlock your potential. Each step teaches you to work creatively from thoughts, pulses, and emotions, bringing real depth and authenticity to your work as an actor. In the final Method, studio intensive, all the various components come into play, giving you the true sense of your creative potential as a professional actor. With 5 units spaced over the year, you have the place to come and build your acting muscles as you begin or grow your work in the industry.

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Method Acting is not just an acting class, it’s a school of craft and the actor’s instrument. Here in our central London acting college, we have an extensive selection of courses and classes (Units) which cover every aspect of the craft of the actor. We want you to immerse yourself in learning in the same way you should immerse yourself in a role and so we’ve created a comprehensive process that can, in the individual units, address the specific acting muscles and expand your methodology, or collectively become an all-embracing acting training.

Choose to grow as a professional actor with our Method Training, as well as additional units of  Voice & Movement, Audition and Self Taping Technique classes. Take individual classes, for a unit of detailed learning, or spread yourself out over the course of a year, to soak up everything that you can. Our flexible timetable and diverse set of teaching units are intended to work around your other demands, so you can maintain and invest in your greater potential.

Since 2002 we have been expanding and adding to our London acting studio working to combine the classical with the more contemporary techniques, the likes of Lee Strasberg. We have fine-tuned a roster of processes and techniques that aid the creative successes of beginners and professionals alike. To build upon your potential and engage each opportunity as it presents itself, both professionally and creatively.

Each teacher is a leading practitioner in their field, with an impressive and expansive wealth of experience, of the techniques and craft for both screen and stage. They will guide you through the means and examples of how to put Method/Voice/ Movement into your work.


As it deals with the totality of your potential as an actor, it is the heart of our program, the mixture of Studio and Online units aims to engage and challenge you as an actor to build upon the creative muscles that can bring real depth to your acting by unlocking a greater flow of your thoughts, impulses & emotion in your work. At the end of the Method Intro Unit, you can expect to have a full and nuanced understanding of Method as an approach to the actor’s craft and the means to take away greater technique and tools to practice, expanding & building your work & career.

The method is all about harnessing the powerful muscle of the unconscious and channelling it into the role or text, this course is specifically designed to aid that journey and ignite those impulses. You could not get the same out of a course that wasn’t this direct and deliberately intense. This course will expand you as an actor and as a person. The Method Intro offers not only an introduction to these tools and talents but through repetition of the technique and scene class sections, it makes it accessible and easy.


Combining the best of the best into a flexible unit that works for you, this year-long focus offers you time off between each unit to breath, recover and digest, you can return to the next class better equipped and ready to absorb, build and improve upon the previous lessons. That way truly growing as an actor.

The depth of the complementary approaches, opinions, and techniques empowers your craft and technique, in front of the camera or on stage. The ongoing unit of classes, with the spaces between to go away and digests and practice, will evolve your capabilities and creative technique to such a point that your acting will become far more instinctual and creative. It is these abilities alongside your craft and technique that can unlock and more importantly sustain an acting career.

Payment for the year-long course is a big step and we do require you take an intensive method month with us first to assess if we will be a good match. All you need to do is pick up a phone and have a more detailed discussion with us on how to take it to the next stage.


Our workshops are both technical and creative, offering vital and visceral insights into the importance of voice and movement on an actor’s craft. Through strengthening both you can unlock the true power and potential of your acting.

It may seem obvious how important it is to work on projection and voice but there is so much more than just being audible that goes into the work of an actor. Through working on your breath you can open the action and text of a scene in new and exciting ways, through unlocking your diaphragm you can reclaim the power you’ve had to communicate since birth.

We have been in motion since the dawn of time. Starting with your own body, you learn how to explore the character; focusing on stance, flow, and movement this workshop will introduce you to your body in entirely new ways, which will unlock greater flexibility of a richer and more nuanced work with the role in the text.


Our audition technique unit are designed to equip you with everything you need to maximise the impact you can have by knowing precisely what to look for. By locking into the deeper material within a script you can extract a more rich performance and you can do this easily by understanding the content and structure.

The aim of the classes is to not only equip you with a clear and defined methodology that can be applied to any audition but build your analytical skills to approach script and text at each step of your work as an actor. That way enhancing your abilities to build a more believable and dynamic character in your work.

That way each time you come into an audition, you are bringing all the work you’ve put into your craft, which comes alive in your acting in that room.







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